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      Ralph Lindeyer founded CCL Compliance in 1988.  In 2021, CCL Compliance became part of the Waystone Group. Ralph has extensive experience in advising firms that have been adversely affected by fraud, internal breaches or regulatory intrusion. 

      Ralph’s expertise, gained over many years means he is able to offer firms advice on liaison with the regulator on sensitive and complex issues in order to achieve the best regulatory result for the client.

      Ralph is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and has worked in the financial services business for over 40 years. Prior to founding CCL, Ralph was the Finance Director of an international derivative and stock broking company with offices in London, New York and Chicago. In addition, Ralph founded the accounting practice Lindeyer, Francis, Ferguson before leaving to launch CCL in 1988.

      Recent Work includes:

      • Working with firms on the implementation of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR).
      • Advising a firm that had suffered a fraud that exploited systems weaknesses on how to handle the matter with the regulator and the markets. As a result, the client was able to minimise regulatory intervention with the regulator relying upon CCL to manage the client out of the crisis and report independently to the regulator. By adopting this approach, the firm avoided the imposition of a S166 order and resulted in considerable cost and time saving to the client with little impairment to the business.
      • Advising a firm faced with a hostile S166 review on the weaknesses contained in the review of sales practices of an insurance call centre operation. Ralph was able to challenge the scope and execution of the review and attend meetings with the Skilled Person. Ralph was able to provide the facts to allow the firm’s legal advisers push back on assumptions made that were erroneous or prejudicial to the firm.
      • Working with a long-established and highly-regarded African bank in the overhaul of its financial crime prevention procedures. This included a review and revision of the taxonomy of its files, centralising the capture of data and drafting new policies and procedures. Ralph then worked on the training of Senior Management and all staff both in the UK and overseas ensuring the practical application of the procedures was understood and adhered to at all levels.
      • Helping a publicly listed company address issues raised by the PRA and FCA in respect of financial reporting, AML and governance. Working with the firm in helping Senior Management understand the issues and assisting them in developing a plan to meet the regulator’s requirements.
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