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      Exempt Corporate Finance Advisory in Singapore

      Companies providing corporate finance advisory in Singapore are governed by the regulations under the Securities and Futures Act (SFA). In the Second Schedule to the SFA, corporate finance advisors are defined as companies giving advice on:

      • compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the raising of funds by an entity, trust or a collective investment scheme,
      • the purchase or disposal of capital markets products, and/or
      • the arrangement, reconstruction or take-over of a corporation or a business trust or any of its assets or liabilities.

      Pursuant to paragraph 7(1)(b) of the Second Schedule of the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations, entities can operate in Singapore carrying on business in Singapore in giving corporate finance advice only to accredited investors, expert investors or institutional investors, provided such advice is not specifically given for the making of any offer of specified products to the public by the accredited investor, expert investor or institutional investor to whom the advice was given. Where the accredited investor, expert investor or institutional investor is a public company, listed on the approved exchange, or a subsidiary of a corporation listed on an approved exchange, the circulation of such advice is restricted to that of the accredited, expert, institutional shareholders.

      See below minimum requirements to fulfil in order to operate in Singapore as an Exempt Corporate Finance Advisor.

      How can Argus Help?

      We are an experienced regulatory consulting firm who can assist financial institutions with their compliance requirements in Singapore. We can advise you on the right regulatory approach for your firm based on the business model. We can assist in the following manner:
      • Assist to submit application form to operate in Singapore as an Exempt Corporate Finance Advisor
      • Draft compliance manual and policies and procedures for operating in Singapore
      • Provide outsourced compliance support to assist Exempt Corporate Finance Advisors in meeting MAS regulatory obligations
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