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      Cyber Security Solutions

      Cyber security is becoming an increasing focal point for all global regulators. In response, we have established a dedicated cyber security solution.

      The financial services industry is a significant target for cyber security compliance criminals, perhaps second only to the federal government. Creating a robust cyber security compliance program that incorporates technology professionals and processes as early as possible in the lifecycle of a firm is essential to ensure that good practices and habits are created and embedded from a firm’s inception.

      The importance of implementing a cyber security program

      The following most recent cyber security statistics highlight the importance of implementing a cyber security program:

      • it is estimated that cyber crime cost the world over US$6trillion in 2021
      • 60% of mid-size businesses go out of business within six months of a security breach
      • 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error
      • stolen credentials cause 61% of security and data breaches
      • there is a material shortage of cyber security advisors worldwide
      • remote working has had a costly effect on data breaches.

      Our cyber security consulting services

      Similar to expertise sought from legal and audit professionals, cyber & data protection expertise should sit alongside these functions. Fund boards must ensure that they are well equipped to deal with cyber security issues. Our cyber security consulting team can provide support with the following:

      • incident response planning and cyber crisis support
      • cyber awareness training for leadership teams and staff
      • policy review and development
      • penetration testing, social engineering, threat assessments/research
      • supply chain review/audit
      • DPO as a service
      • CISO as a service
      • GDPR assessments/assistance.

      If you would like to find out more about how our cyber security consultants can help you with your requirements, please get in touch via the form below.

      Cyber Security Solutions for the European Board Room

      The increasing cyber security threat posed to investment advisers and funds has led to European regulators to implement robust safeguards. This is providing a range of challenges for board members as they endeavour to manage a highly-technical subject for which they have a legal responsibility.

      US Cyber Security Solutions

      Waystone Compliance Solutions is an ISO27001-certified consultancy dedicated to delivering the highest quality of information security and data protection advisory and support services to its clients.

      Cyber Security Specialist Services

      As the regulatory and compliance landscape has evolved in recent years in response to growing threats to cyber security, the responsibility has shifted to organisations to ensure that their systems and supply chains are performing as expected.