Use of Cookies

      This website uses cookies; cookies are small text files that can be placed onto your computer, smartphone or other device by this website.

      Some cookies are essential for our website to work. If they are disabled, the site won’t work in some basic ways. These are called  “strictly necessary” or “essential” cookies.

      Other cookies are not essential, but we use them to help make our site better or more enjoyable for you, e.g. by allowing you to use features like YouTube or allowing us to collect information about how people use the site. These are classified as “targeting” (elsewhere classified as “statistics”, “marketing” or “external media”) cookies.

      By law in many of the jurisdictions in which we operate, we are allowed to use “strictly necessary” cookies as long as we tell you about them. However, we need your consent before we use any other type of cookie.

      This Cookie Policy relates to only. As with any website, we will collect data about your IP address, resources requested and the time and date requested, as well as the device and browser you are using to serve the optimal presentation. Read our full Global Data Protection Information Notice here where we explain more about how we handle your personal data, international transfers, your data protection rights and how you can exercise them.

      How to Manage Your Cookies for this Website

      Click here to change your now.

      When you first visit our website, we will inform you of the type of cookies we use. We then give you the option to use the website either:

      • Based only on cookies that are strictly necessary
      • Based both on cookies that are strictly necessary and others as listed below

      If you want to give us consent to use all types of cookies, click “Allow All” when the cookie message first appears.

      Alternatively you can:

      • select Performance Cookies and/or Targeting cookies by sliding the toggle to the right until it turns blue;
      • click “Confirm My Choices

      To use the website based only on cookies that are strictly necessary, click “Reject All” or if it is not your first visit to the website,

      • ensure cookie consent is turned ‘off’ for all Performance and Targeting cookies (the toggle slider should be grey rather than blue; these consents are turned ‘off’ by default the first time you use this website)
      • click “Confirm My Choices

      You can change your cookie decision at any time. To do so, click the green cookie icon in the bottom left-hand corner of any webpage and follow the steps above.

      Types of Cookies

      First Party Cookies

      A First Party Cookie is one where the host name of the cookie is the same as the domain name of the website being visited. First party cookies cannot normally be used to track activity across different websites.

      Third Party Cookies

      A Third Party Cookie is one where the host name of the cookie is different to the domain of the website being visited (see “Cookie Subgroup” in the tables above). Third Party Cookies are often added to a website as new features are built into the site, e.g. YouTube videos. Digital advertising is another common use of third party cookies.

      Session Cookies

      A Session Cookie is one that is stored temporarily in a browser’s memory. They are then deleted when you close your browser. Websites use Session Cookies for important functions, e.g. remembering your password during your visit.

      Social Media Integrations

      If you are logged into any of your social media accounts while browsing our site, a social media provider may be able to associate your account with the pages on our site that you visit. They will be doing so for their own purposes which should be explained in their ‘privacy’ or ‘cookie’ notices that might include ways in which you can opt out of such processing if you wish.

      Other Ways to Manage Cookies

      You can also manage cookies directly through your web browser. Find out how to manage cookies in popular browsers below:

      To find information about other types of browser, visit the browser’s website.