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      Risk Management

      We help organisations identify, build and streamline the necessary internal controls.

      Our team will work with your management team to identify the relevant risk factors or key risk indicators to implement risk management strategies. We work to enhance internal control environments, identify process inefficiencies and reduce long-term compliance costs by monitoring and managing risks material to your business based on your risk profile, capital and liquidity needs.

      Whatever the level of risk that your organisation is exposed to, you must put in place a risk management framework that covers the following areas:

      • the active involvement of the board in the risk management process, including setting the risk appetite of your organisation
      • an appropriate risk management infrastructure, reflecting clarity of responsibility and accountability, together with independent oversight of the risk management framework, all of which should be supported by documented procedures
      • identification of all risks relevant to your organisation
      • assessment of the potential impact of each identified risk and an estimate of the likelihood of occurrence of such risk
      • controls to manage or mitigate those risks
      • testing of controls to ensure they are operating effectively and remediating or enhancing the control environment when deficiencies are identified
      • reporting to senior management and the board.

      Waystone Compliance Solutions has extensive experience in assisting organisations to create, develop and maintain their risk management systems and the nature of assistance can be tailored to your specific needs.

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