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      APAC Compliance Solutions

      Our APAC team specialises in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance in Singapore, offering objective insights, subject expertise, and a streamlined approach that addresses all of your compliance-related needs.
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      With a diverse clientele ranging from startups to mature businesses, we establish long-term partnerships to manage all of our clients’ compliance obligations, spanning from the initial phase to ongoing support, training, audits, risk management, and governance.

      How Waystone can help

      Our Singapore team is well-equipped to provide clients with bespoke, risk-focused, and cost-effective compliance solutions. Our wide-ranging experience in the Asia-Pacific region provides the expertise you need whilst adding value to your corporate governance standards. As an outsourced compliance service provider, Waystone can deliver all the compliance services required to operate in Singapore.

      Some of the ways that we can help your firm include, but are not limited to:

      • MAS licensing and registration
      • compliance monitoring
      • compliance audits
      • AML and KYC support.

      MAS Compliance Support

      Singapore is regulated by the Money Authority of Singapore (MAS). Adhering to MAS’ compliance requirements is essential for organisations to maintain their licences, meet reporting obligations, and demonstrate their commitment to upholding high standards of professionalism and ethical contact.

      Why Choose Waystone?

      Our experienced APAC compliance team can help you navigate MAS compliance requirements and mitigate potential risks by providing guidance, support, and strategic advice.

      Regulatory Compliance in Singapore

      Waystone Compliance Solutions provides regulatory compliance solutions specific to the Singapore market from its hub in Singapore. Learn more about how Waystone Compliance Solutions can help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

      Our APAC Solutions

      Licensing & Registration in Singapore

      Our team has a deep understanding of the rules, guidelines, and processes in relation to obtaining licences and registrations. We follow the process meticulously and assist clients from initial business set up to maintaining all ongoing regulated activities.

      Setting Up a Fund Management Company in Singapore

      This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and key requirements of setting up a fund management company in Singapore.

      Payment Services Act

      The Payment Services Act (“PSA”) came into effect in Singapore on 28 January 2020 and streamlines the payment services regulatory framework under a single piece of legislation.

      Compliance Policy & Procedure Solutions

      Our team has the relevant expertise to develop comprehensive compliance policies and procedures to protect organisations from legal and regulatory constraints while reinforcing a culture of compliance and ongoing monitoring.

      Compliance Monitoring & Ongoing Support

      Our ongoing compliance support services help clients to objectively analyse whether they are meeting the specified guidelines, industry requirements, and regulations to help them mitigate ongoing risk.

      Compliance Review

      We assist companies to evaluate the effectiveness and the compliance status of their operations by taking a risk-based review, including a thorough examination of existing policies, procedures and risk mitigation processes and systems.

      Compliance Training

      We provide a range of IBF-accredited corporate governance and regulatory training solutions in Singapore including customised and interactive online courses for all levels of business stakeholders.

      Regulatory Compliance Audits

      As we enter a period of near normality post pandemic, events such as COVID-19 and other geo-political events create new risks, particularly for financial institutions.

      Corporate Compliance Solutions

      Our Corporate Compliance Solutions team assists clients with all financial business processes, including incorporation, company secretarial services, accounting and payroll, in order to ensure tax compliance.

      AML & KYC Compliance

      We assist regulated institutions with their AML and CFT obligations in Singapore.

      Risk Management Solutions

      We help organisations to identify, build and streamline the necessary internal controls.

      Compliance FAQs

      We have provided these FAQs based on queries received from our clients and prospective clients.

      APAC Guides and Articles Available for Download

      Our key documents to assist you in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape in the APAC region can be found here.