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      APAC Compliance Solutions

      Our APAC team specialises in regulatory compliance and provides objective insights, subject expertise and a simple approach to all your compliance-related needs. Our diversified client base spans start-ups to mature businesses. We partner with our clients to serve all their compliance needs from the initial phase to ongoing support, training, audit, risk management and governance.
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      Our team is well-equipped to provide clients with bespoke, risk-focused and cost-effective solutions. Our wide-ranging experience provides the expertise you need whilst adding value to your corporate governance standards.

      Licensing & Registration in Singapore

      Our team has a deep understanding of the rules, guidelines and processes in relation to obtaining licences and registrations. We follow the process meticulously and assist clients from initial business set up to maintaining all ongoing regulated activities.

      Compliance Policy & Procedure Solutions

      Our team has the relevant expertise to develop comprehensive compliance policies and procedures to protect organisations from legal and regulatory constraints while reinforcing a culture of compliance and ongoing monitoring.

      Compliance Monitoring & Ongoing Support

      Our ongoing compliance support services help clients to objectively analyse whether they are meeting the specified guidelines, industry requirements and regulations to help them mitigate ongoing risk.

      Compliance Review

      We assist companies to evaluate the effectiveness and the compliance status of their operations by taking a risk-based review, including a thorough examination of existing policies, procedures and risk mitigation processes and systems.

      Compliance Training

      We provide a range of corporate governance and regulatory training solutions including customised and interactive online courses for all levels of business stakeholders.

      Regulatory Compliance Audits

      We understand the changes that can occur within the regulatory regime and we provide assistance with internal audits to ensure that they meet best practice standards.

      Corporate Compliance Solutions

      We assist clients with all financial business processes, including incorporation, company secretarial services, accounting and payroll, in order to ensure tax compliance.

      AML & KYC Compliance

      We assist regulated institutions with their AML and CFT obligations in Singapore.

      Risk Management Solutions

      We help organisations to identify, build and streamline the necessary internal controls.

      Compliance FAQs

      We have provided these FAQs based on queries received from our clients and prospective clients.