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      UAE Outsourcing and Support

      We offer our clients operating in the financial centres of the DIFC and the ADGM various UAE compliance outsourcing services to ensure they remain compliant on a day-to-day basis.

      Within the financial centres of the DIFC and the ADGM, many organisations choose to outsource their key functions to ensure they receive the level of expertise required without the financial burden of a full-time resource, which is sometimes not required depending on the size and complexity of the operation.

      UAE compliance outsourcing can be to external third parties or internally back to the head office. In the latter example, many firms employ outside consultants to review the business being undertaken in the UAE to ensure that out of sight isn’t always out of mind. Even if you have a full-time resource there are times when the individuals holding key positions require assistance, even if this is to obtain an expert view on an issue or provide an independent review of the business and its operations.

      Key considerations when reviewing your compliance arrangements

      • Have you got a person who is qualified enough to take on the role of Compliance Officer/MLRO?
      • Do you require a full-time resource?
      • Is your compliance function independent enough from the business?
      • Does your Compliance function have specific regional knowledge and expertise?

      Which key roles can be outsourced?

      As a regulated firm, the key roles that can be outsourced to Waystone Compliance Solutions are:

      • Compliance Officer & MLRO – our expert team has the relevant skills and experience to be an effective and constructive CO/MLRO for your organization.
      • Finance Officer – our experienced financial officers provide pragmatic, tailored advice and support.
      • Data Protection Officer – our consultants have extensive experience and are equipped to guide you through data protection regulations and laws that apply to your firm. 
      • Independent Non-Executive Director – we’ll advise you on processes, controls, and corporate governance to navigate the complexities of financial services regulations in the UAE.

      In addition to any of our other services, we can also act as your Risk Officer or Company Secretary on an outsourced basis.

      If you identify a need to outsource any of these essential regulated positions, or if you are looking for support of your current function, contact our Middle East Compliance Solutions team today.

      FATCA and CRS Solutions

      At Waystone, international tax is an area of increasing focus due to its growing complexity.

      Independent Non-Executive Director Services in the UAE

      Waystone Compliance Solutions provides specialist services to clients across the whole financial services spectrum, offering high-quality, corporate governance through experienced, independent professionals, supported by advanced governance technology.

      Outsourced Compliance Officer & MLRO

      We have been providing outsourced Compliance Officers and MLROs to DFSA and FSRA-regulated firms for more than 15 years.

      Outsourced Finance Officer

      To further support our clients in the UAE's Financial Free Zones we have added this outsourcing option to our service offering.

      Outsourced Data Protection Officer

      Experienced data protection specialists to help your firm comply with complex data protection rules.

      Comparison: Compliance outsourcing and in-house Compliance Officer

      For many firms this is a cost-effective proposition compared to hiring an internal resource but is not always the best option for some firms.

      Selecting your UAE Regulatory Compliance Consultants

      Choosing the right compliance consultant is key to ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements in the UAE.