Waystone Compliance Solutions

      Navigate the complex regulatory
      landscape with certainty.

      Waystone Compliance Solutions offers a new and unique approach to compliance services.

      At Waystone, we have the experience, the expertise and the global reach to offer our clients the certainty they need to address the ever-changing regulatory world. And by doing so, provide you with a secure route to regulatory compliance and business success.

      We help clients from initial registration and licensing to compliance programme integration and monitoring. Our compliance solutions cover business strategies, market activities, operational and technology infrastructure and sales and marketing procedures. And we can do so anywhere in the world.

      Initially formed from a merger of four specialist compliance companies – Titan Regulation, Argus Global, CCL Compliance and ISAS – we have the capabilities to help you manage regulatory risk across your organisation.

      Our aim is simple – to enable our clients to navigate the complex regulatory environment with confidence.

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      The Private Fund Adviser Rule has been vacated in full

      The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit vacated the SEC's Private Fund Adviser Rule in its entirety on…
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      Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) solutions for your firm

      Many firms in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) are still considering whether a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) appointment is necessary.…
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      Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity

      As digital threats continue to escalate in complexity and frequency, Waystone Compliance Solutions is spearheading cybersecurity solutions under the guidance…
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      Navigating UAE Regulatory and Tax Updates: Ensuring Compliance and Maximising Opportunities

      An insightful discussion featuring Waystone and Aurifer where they delve into the latest regulatory and tax updates impacting businesses in…
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      Exploring FSRA Supervision Fees: Everything you need to know

      The FSRA proposed amendments to its Fees Rules (“FEES”) and General Rulebook (“GEN”) to better align fees with operational costs.
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      FSRA proposes enhanced measures for Cyber Risk Management

      On 29 November 2023, the Financial Services Regulation Authority (“FSRA”) issued Discussion Paper No. 1 of 2023 on Information Technology…
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      Biometrics and beyond - the future of identity verification

      As we embark on the second quarter of 2024, our focus here shifts to a critical theme – ‘Securing Digital…
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      Good practices for auditors of fund management companies

      Auditors are a key stakeholder when promoting strong internal controls, risk management practices and business conduct by Fund Management Companies…
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      We're here for all your compliance needs

      We're here for all your compliance needs

      Waystone provides you with a secure route on the road to success
      Webinars and Training

      Webinars and Training

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      We strive to attract and retain the best, most diverse talent.

      We strive to attract and retain the best, most diverse talent.

      We’re always on the lookout for new people.

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