Recent Updates to Variable Capital Companies and Single Family Offices in Singapore

      The Variable Capital Company (“VCC”) framework was introduced in Singapore in 2020 with a legal structure that is designed to provide more flexibility and options for fund managers and investors.

      Factors influencing the use of VCCs

      Use of VCCs in Singapore continues to grow and the take-up rate of VCCs in Singapore has been strongly influenced by the following factors:

      • Market demand growth of VCCs would depend on the demand for investment funds, both domestically and internationally. If there is a strong demand for fund structures that offer flexibility and investor protection, VCCs will continue to grow.
      • Regulatory environmentregulatory stability and investor-friendly regulations continue to attract fund managers to Singapore. Any regulatory enhancements or improvements in the VCC framework could further boost its attractiveness. Continued extension of the VCC grant also encourages the adoption of the VCC in Singapore.
      • Tax advantagesthe tax benefits associated with VCCs, including exemptions on certain income and gains, continues to make Singapore an appealing jurisdiction for fund managers. Any changes in tax policies could impact the growth of VCCs in the future.
      • Global economic conditionseconomic conditions and market trends can influence the overall demand for investment funds. A favorable economic environment may lead to increased interest in fund management, potentially benefiting VCCs in the long term.
      • Competitive landscape – Singapore continues to be competitive and positions itself as an attractive jurisdiction for fund managers.

      VCC – how can Waystone assist?

      Through our experienced and knowledgeable Singapore-based team, Waystone offers various VCC-related services, including:

      • incorporation and company secretarial services to assist those firms that wish to make use of the benefits that the VCC structure offers
      • providing AML/CFT independent reviews on customers onboarded at VCC level and due diligence checks on outsourced service providers
      • assisting with VCC MAS grant applications
      • assisting with MAS Fund Manager licence applications.

      To find out more about how our APAC Compliance Solutions team can help in the formation of your VCC, please contact your Waystone representative in Singapore or contact us here.

      MAS Updates to Single-Family Offices

      Single-Family Offices (“SFO”) are generally exempted from applying for a MAS fund management licence. Singapore’s tax regime is often considered favorable for SFOs and, as a result, income generated from investments may be subject to preferential tax treatment. Singapore is proposing a new regulatory framework to allow MAS to enhance its defense against money laundering within the SFO industry. For more information, read our latest article on this topic.

      Under the proposed framework, MAS will introduce a new class licensing exemption for SFOs and will remove the case-by-case licensing exemption route. New qualifying criteria has now been shared and MAS has proposed a six-month transition period from the effective date of the SFO framework for all SFOs in the country to confirm their capacity to adhere to the new qualifying criteria.

      SFO – how can Waystone assist?

      Waystone’s experienced SFO team, based in Singapore, can assist clients in the following ways:

      • provide assessment and analysis if you fall under SFO regime
      • assist with MAS’ SFO Licence Exemption application
      • assist with MAS’ S130 Tax Incentive application
      • assist with MAS’ S130 Annual Declaration.

      To find out more about how we can assist you in your SFO journey in Singapore, please contact your Waystone representative or contact us below.

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