Virtual Compliance Clinic FAQs

      The Virtual Compliance Clinic is an exciting extension of our service offering that allows us to support your business remotely on an hourly basis, providing regulatory compliance advisory services, as and when your business requires without the commitment of a full retainer contract.


      How does the Virtual Compliance Clinic work?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Step 1: Select the package of hours that you need and complete your purchase using our online payment facility. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us.

      Step 2: You will be contacted within four business hours to confirm your package, or, if necessary, to request additional information from you to complete your purchase. Our business hours are Sunday-Thursday 9am-6pm.

      Step 3: You will be introduced to your compliance consultant and provided with their details so that you can contact them during business hours by phone, email and / or video call.

      Step 4: Your usage and the remaining balance will be recorded, documented, and reported to you on a weekly basis.

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      Who can use the virtual Compliance Clinic?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      The Virtual Compliance Clinic can be used by financial services firms regulated by or seeking to be regulated by the following United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) financial services regulators:

      UAE Financial Free Zones

      • The Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”)
      • The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“FSRA”) in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”)

      UAE Onshore

      • The Securities and Commodities Authority (“SCA”)
      • The Central Bank of the UAE

      If you are not a regulated firm or individual within a regulated firm, we still welcome your enquiries. However, unregulated entities and individuals will be subject to our standard client due diligence which is in-line with DFSA and FSRA requirements. For further details, click here.

      The Virtual Compliance Clinic is for financial services firms only and is not available to other sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, or real estate, for example.

      The Virtual Compliance Clinic is not available to professional service providers or consultants operating in related sectors. Services will not be provided to anyone acting on behalf of a third party.

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      My company is not in the UAE, can I still use this service to support my firm?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Your Firm can be based anywhere, but Virtual Compliance Clinic hours can only be used for advice relating to regulation by the following UAE financial services regulators:

      UAE Financial Free Zones

      • The Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”)
      • The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“FSRA”) in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”)

      UAE Onshore

      • The Securities and Commodities Authority (“SCA”)
      • The Central Bank of the UAE
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      How do we manage conflicts of interest?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Waystone and/or its consultants are contracted as compliance officers/MLROs or are providing licensing, authorisation, corporate secretarial, or other ad hoc services to a broad range of clients. Our clients may be a competitor, client, advisor, or other service provider to you, either directly or indirectly. As such, Waystone and/or one of our consultants may be conflicted in relation to you or the subject matter of your enquiry.

      Waystone will not conduct any conflicts checks prior to providing services to you. However, we will inform you if we become aware of any material conflict of interest in our relationship with you or in our relationship with you and another client. Where conflicts are identified and we believe that your interests can be properly safeguarded by appropriate procedures, we will implement those safeguards. Where possible, this will be done on the basis of your informed consent. We reserve the right to act for other clients whose interests are not the same as or are adverse to yours, subject to confidentiality obligations.

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      Advice through the Virtual Compliance Clinic

      What can I use my hours for?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      No two businesses are the same but as a guide, here are some examples of the enquiries on which our consultants can provide advice and guidance, using hours from your Virtual Compliance Clinic package:

      • advice on the AML requirements of UAE regulators
      • understanding regulatory change and potential impact on your business
      • application of the rules established by UAE regulators
      • marketing restrictions and requirements in the UAE
      • advice on registration of mutual funds in the UAE
      • understanding the scope of a specific regulatory licence or category
      • understanding which licence permissions and/or endorsements are required to progress with a proposed change to your business activities
      • understanding prudential reporting requirements that apply to your business
      • regulatory fees and regulatory reporting requirements and obligations
      • client classification requirements
      • AML requirements for high-risk customers or PEPs
      • reporting obligations for suspicious transactions and fraud
      • guidance on cyber incident notifications
      • requirements around record-keeping.
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      What activities are not supported in the Virtual Compliance Clinic?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Virtual Compliance Clinic hours cannot be used for the following:

      • full assistance for applications for authorisation
      • processing variation of licence applications
      • compliance officer and MLRO outsourcing
      • drafting of compliance and associated control manuals
      • undertaking a compliance monitoring programme
      • undertaking a risk mitigation programme
      • IRAP/ICAAPs
      • specific guidance on the completion of the prudential returns as they relate directly to your firm rather than the category of licence that you hold
      • formal compliance or AML training
      • formal responses to a regulator’s questions/concerns
      • legal advice
      • FATCA/CRS and tax advice.

      Should your requirement relate to any of these services, contact us for further details and to obtain a quote.

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      Can I use the hours purchased to receive training on compliance matters / CPD?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      No, training / CPD is not covered under this service, although we would be happy to provide you with details of training courses that Waystone and its affiliates offer.

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      We are trying to set up in the DIFC/ADGM, can we use the Virtual Compliance Clinic to seek advice on which category of licence is appropriate for the business plan that we have?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Yes, absolutely. All firms must ensure they apply for the right licence to operate the business they are proposing. It is key at the outset, as well as on an ongoing basis, to ensure your permissions cover the business you want to undertake with the type of clients you service. It is also equally important to understand the limitations of any licence.

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      Does the Virtual Compliance Clinic assist with all DIFC/ADGM related queries?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Yes. For example, there are many reporting obligations required at a corporate level, some of which apply to regulated firms and others, to non-regulated entities. We can assist you in understanding these obligations and complying with them including data protection. Waystone is not a law firm and therefore some aspects, such as drafting or reviewing legal agreements, may be outside of our remit. We will inform you of any scope of limitations and be able to point you in the right direction of a law firm who could provide this guidance.

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      Will I receive a written report related to the advice provided through the Virtual Compliance Clinic?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      The Virtual Compliance Clinic is designed to support and guide compliance officers, MLROs and senior managers. Our advisory services do not constitute a formal legal opinion: while we may confirm information provided to you in writing by email, this may not be used by, provided to, or relied upon by, anyone other than you. Written advice provided via the Virtual Compliance Clinic is not and should not be considered legal or formal guidance.

      Should you require a formal written report, this project can be undertaken through our conventional consultancy services. Contact us if this service is required.

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      What if I disagree with the advice received?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Waystone has a combined compliance and regulatory experience of over 20 years. We will use and exercise reasonable skill, effort, and care in providing our services based on the information you have provided to us.

      When you purchase a package, you acknowledge and accept that, whilst every care will be taken in the performance of Waystone’s services, Waystone cannot guarantee to identify every instance of non-compliance or every compliance issue. In no circumstances shall we be held liable for failing to achieve a specific result or outcome on your behalf in respect of any matter. Further, you agree to indemnify Waystone and its principals, directors and employees against any potential claims related to the advice given.

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      Your Virtual Compliance Clinic Hours

      We have resolved our immediate compliance support concerns. What happens to my remaining hours?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      We are happy to continue to provide general guidance on current regulatory topics and market best practice until your package expires. We are uniquely positioned in the market to observe and advise, ensuring that you keep up to date.

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      What is the validity of the Virtual Compliance Clinic packages?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Each package of hours must be fully utilised within the following timeframe:

      • Package 1 (4 Hours) – Expires 4 weeks from date of payment
      • Package 2 (10 Hours) – Expires 8 weeks from date of payment
      • Package 3 (15 Hours) – Expires 12 weeks from date of payment.
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      Payments & Fees

      How do I pay for Virtual Compliance Clinic packages?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      After submitting your request for a Virtual Compliance Clinic package, you will be sent a payment link to allow you to settle your invoice online.

      This charge will appear on your statement as ‘Waystone Compliance Solutions’.

      If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, contact us.

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      Do you accept international credit cards?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      We accept Visa and Mastercard. Payments are made in US dollars.

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      Does pricing include VAT?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018 with a rate of 5%. The rates above do not include VAT. At the time of payment or invoice, the 5% VAT will be added to your total.

      If you are based outside of the UAE, there will be no VAT charged as export of services outside UAE is zero-rated as per Federal Decree Law.

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      Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Upon selecting ”Book now” you will will be redirected to a form to complete your details to request this service. You will then be sent a payment link for your package which must be paid in full.

      If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, contact us.

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      After purchasing a package, I changed my mind. What are my options?Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Refunds will not be given for Virtual Compliance Clinic hours unless we are unable to accept you as a client. In this case, a full refund will be granted less any processing fees charged by the payment services provider.

      We are happy to continue to provide general guidance on current regulatory topics and market best practice until your package expires.

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      Details of our CDD checklist can be found here.

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