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      RegTech Solution: CORE

      CORE is our comprehensive RegTech platform developed by our compliance experts. It is designed to be a central repository for all compliance matters within your firm. The platform is a powerful tool which will help your firm meet its regulatory obligations and create efficiencies that reduce your compliance costs.

      We designed CORE to help our clients stay in control of their own compliance obligations and create a reliable, single source of truth. CORE gives our clients real-time oversight of their compliance framework, ensuring that our clients stay in control over their regulatory obligations.

      Features and benefits of our CORE RegTech system

      CORE hosts and drives your UK compliance framework, providing you with the following features and benefits:

      • manages employee attestations
      • controls personal dealing for employees
      • manages your UK compliance monitoring plan
      • controls your policies and procedures
      • facilitates marketing material reviews
      • controls gifts and entertainment for employees
      • controls employee conflicts
      • manages SM&CR framework
      • manages risk identification and resolution
      • saves significant time on administration
      • provides accurate and detailed reports.

      Regardless of the size, sector or complexity of your organisation, CORE can help you address many of the challenges faced in today’s regulated environment.

      If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch with our UK Compliance Solutions team.

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