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      GIPS Compliance Solutions

      We work closely with advisers to assess whether the organisation has complied with all composite construction requirements of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS ®) on a company-wide basis.

      • we ensure that the organisation’s policies and procedures are designed to calculate and present performance in compliance with the GIPS standards
      • our GIPS verification services are performed by investment professionals with proven abilities and experience in investment management practices and performance calculation procedures and business processes and we closely follow GIPS standards and updates to the GIPS handbook
      • our GIPS verification service helps you to enhance your ability of winning new business by providing prospective investors with the comfort of extensive performance verifications
      • we work closely with emerging managers through the pre-verification process so that your organisation can establish GIPS compliant composites from the outset and our team of experts remove obstacles and challenges relating to your GIPS compliance.

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