Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

      Your existing business is fully compliant and you have everything in place - you may now be considering an expansion, however, buying another business is not a small step and the compliance status of the proposed firm’s compliance with MAS rules could affect your own legal and regulatory exposure.

      Our APAC Compliance Solutions team can help you to avoid surprises by conducting a confidential pre-acquisition  regulatory compliance audit, with the aim of producing a clear assurance report that allows you to make a decision on the risk profile of the business and any mitigation steps.

      Items we review during a pre-acquisition compliance assessment 

      As each business is different, we will assess the scope and provide a bespoke review accordingly. We have set out below a brief summary of some the areas we may review in such an assessment:

      • complaints
      • sources of business
      • corporate governance
      • sample customer due diligence
      • conflicts of interest
      • product governance
      • regulatory reporting
      • data security and back up
      • systems and controls
      • professional indemnity
      • conduct of business and advertising/promotions
      • training & competence (T&C)
      • financial crime prevention framework
      • agreements
      • audits.

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