AML and CFT Training Programme - Waystone

      AML and CFT Training Programme

      An IBF-accredited online training course, this Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) training programme introduces the basic concepts, knowledge of current trends in Singapore and the steps to take to reduce AML/CFT risks within financial organisations.

      Identify and Manage Money Laundering Risk

      Money laundering and terrorism financing continues to pose a major risk to financial institutions and the financial market. Across the globe, financial institutions are faced with an increasingly threatening landscape. Complex challenges, developments in technology, increased digitalisation of services, surge of regulatory pressure and increasing amount of data are accentuating the need for financial institutions to implement an effective AML/CFT compliance framework.

      This IBF-accredited training programme equips learners with current knowledge of developments and trends in the AML/CFT space in Singapore, provides an introduction to understanding the basics of AML/CFT, and sets out the steps to take to reduce AML/CFT risks within their organisations.

      This course is delivered virtually during a 90-minute live webinar.

      AML/CFT training course outline

      The course will cover the following topics:

      • what is money laundering?
      • money laundering processes and techniques
      • Singapore laws and international standards
      • stages of money laundering
      • understanding AML/CFT risks within organisations
      • who is responsible for AML/CFT?
      • key overview of regulatory provisions including offences and penalties
      • enterprise-wide risk assessment
      • customer due diligence
      • ongoing monitoring
      • suspicious transactions monitoring and reporting
      • record-keeping
      • training.

      Course objectives

      • learn to define money laundering and terrorism financing and recognise key stages and common techniques used by money launderers
      • understand the purposes and methods of money laundering and terrorism financing activities
      • understand money laundering/terrorism financing risks faced by companies
      • understand minimum MAS requirements for regulated companies with regards to AML/CFT
      • gain a general understanding of conducting due diligence checks, AML screenings and risk assessments for customers
      • understand suspicious transactions reporting requirements.

      Course instructor

      Nithi Genesan has over 15 years of regulatory and compliance experience in the financial sector. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Finance from the Manchester Business School, an International Compliance Association Diploma, and is a graduate from the National University of Singapore.

      Nithi is an experienced compliance trainer, conducting training for institutions ranging from asset management entities to large banks. This includes, working with the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) to obtain accreditation for compliance training courses in Singapore, and working with Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association to establish compliance training.

      Who should attend?

      All officers and employees of licensed, regulated fund management companies in Singapore, such as:

      • board of directors and senior management
      • compliance officers and managers
      • personnel involved in customer onboarding, investor relations and customer-facing including client services management teams
      • all other employees.

      Assessment and certificate

      A certificate of 1.5 hours of supplementary CPD hours will be provided to those who complete the course and pass the assessment. The training and assessment will be conducted via webinar. The dial-in details and the link to the assessment will be sent in advance of the course.

      Course format

      The course is delivered by live webinar and runs for 90 minutes with 60 minutes for the main course with case studies and a further 30 minutes for the assessment. PowerPoint slides will be shared after the training session.

      IBF subsidy

      Eligible individuals will be able to pay subsidised fees for our training course. Please refer to IBF’s Financial Training Scheme for more details.

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