External Asset Managers in Singapore

      External Asset Managers in Singapore

      External Asset Managers (EAM) enable clients to place their money with their choice of bank they prefer to use or recommended by the EAM. The client givens an EAM authority and power of attorney as a third party to represent them in managing the investment portfolio and asset allocation. In some instances, they come with a bank that they currently use. At all times, the money remains in the name of the client but the EAM makes decisions on how the assets should be managed.

      Even through EAM does not hold or control the client assets which are typically placed with custodian banks, private banks and brokers, EAM is considered as a fund management activity in Singapore. The main activity conducted by EAM is to provide client with investment advisory services, construct investment strategies and either conduct discretionary or non-discretionary fund management activities for their clients.

      How can Argus (now Waystone Compliance) Help?

      We are an experienced regulatory consulting firm who understand the External Asset Managers model very well and are fully equipped to provide an end to end solution for you. We can advise what type of licence or registration is suitable for your firm based on your business model. We can assist to apply for the relevant Fund Management Registration or Licence. We can also assist with drafting policies, procedures and provide outsourced compliance support to maintain your ongoing regulatory obligations.

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