Regulatory Calendar 2024 - Waystone

      Regulatory Calendar 2024

      Keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape using our US regulatory deadlines calendar.

      At Waystone Compliance Solutions we understand that comprehensive and concise solutions for documentation and reporting goes hand-in-hand with building an effective and efficient compliance program.

      Our experienced and tenured teams of regulatory compliance bring together best in class, cost-effective solutions designed to establish and enhance compliance policies, improve accuracy and efficiency in the data validation and filing processes and streamline the documentation associated with tracking compliance.

      Waystone Compliance Solutions is best placed to help you keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, with solutions that can be tailor-made to fit the most complex of needs.

      2024 US regulatory deadlines

      Regulatory Deadline Subject Regulator
      10.Jan.24 Form 13H-Q SEC
      14.Feb.24 Form 13H-A SEC
      14.Feb.24 Schedule 13G SEC
      14.Feb.24 Form 13F SEC
      29.Feb.24 Form PF – Large Hedge Fund Advisers SEC
      31.Mar.24 Form ADV Annual Updating Amendment SEC
      10.Apr.24 Form 13H-Q SEC
      30.Apr.24 Deliver Form ADV Part 2A to Clients SEC
      30.Apr.24 Deliver Privacy Policy to Investors
      30.Apr.24 Annual Audit of Funds (for private funds with 12/31 FYE)
      30.Apr.24 Deliver Annual Audit of Funds to Investors
      30.Apr.24 Form PF – Annual Update (all other advisers) SEC
      15.May.24 Form 13F SEC
      30.May.24 Form PF – Large Hedge Fund Advisers SEC
      15.Jun.24 Cayman Islands – Annual Audited Financial and FAR – Due 6/30
      3.Jul.24 Cayman Islands – FATCA Return Filings (due as of 7/31 each year)
      10.Jul.24 Form 13H-Q SEC
      14.Aug.24 Form 13F SEC
      29.Aug.24 Form PF – Large Hedge Fund Advisers SEC
      10.Oct.24 Form 13H-Q SEC
      31.Oct.24 Form D Annual Amendment SEC
      14.Nov.24 Form 13F SEC
      29.Nov.24 Form PF – Large Hedge Fund Advisers SEC

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