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      Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

      Internal audit functions within financial services companies face many challenges.

      In order to be effective, internal auditors must develop knowledge of complex business environments with varied risk profiles; grasp the risks inherent in the development and deployment of new products and services and adjust to a world of ever-changing regulation. Not only must internal auditors be skilled in each business area but must also learn the technicalities of new regulations and how these regulations apply to the business.

      Recruiting a large team of skilled auditors with experience in all risk areas is a costly solution. As internal audit teams strive to provide value-added assurance and consulting to their business, co-sourcing has become a go-to solution for many internal audit functions.

      Internal Audit Co-Sourcing at Waystone Compliance

      Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

      Find out how Waystone can assist you with establishing an effective internal audit function.

      Whether you need advice in scoping your internal audit review, access to a dedicated resource, or want us to undertake your review from scope to delivery, we can help you to deliver your audit programme with quality and insight.

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